Thursday, October 11, 2018

Briquetting Plant Manufacturer

Being a reputed and well-known in the briquetting plant is manufacturing industry. Briquetting plant is most popular for switching waste from industries, farming and forestry into hard fuel. We always utilize state-of-the-art technology and laboratory tested, raw material while manufacturing our complete range, so, that our customer will only get the right product. As its beginning in, we have been leading in manufacturing of briquetting plant. As well this, we also offer outstanding customer services and timely deliverance. With our tough commitment and domain proficiency, we are able to make good reputation in briquetting industry. Our customer will only get the right product as per their need with at a reasonable price.

Features of briquetting plant
  •          Do not use any sort of chemicals in briquettes.
  •          Convenient in service organization and low creation charge.
  •          Convenient accessibility of raw Item.
  •          It have not spread smoke and not harm the environment like black coal.
  •          Substantial  made  goods compactness with lower input.

Friday, October 5, 2018

What is Briquetting?

Briquetting is the procedure of creating briquettes. The process of required together the minerals such as coal dust, or other burnable biomass material which is used for fuel and firewood to start a fire is known as briquetting. The trouble of greenhouse and global warming has turned the thinking of people towards making the world greener. This brings in the concepts of briquetting. We are one of the largest briquetting manufacturer and producers of a wide collection Bio Coal Briquette Plants.

Benefits of using Briquetting:
  •       Briquettes are cheaper than coal
  •       Easy handling, storage and transportation as the briquettes are uniform in size and can even be packed in bags
  •       Change of natural resources wastage into hi-tech energy & maintenance of ecological balance